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Other Scholarships for Students Interested in Golf:

Note that as a golf player, or a prospective one, your options of scholarships are not limited to those that are specifically about golf. That is, in addition to the generic scholarships available for students interested in golf, and scholarships provided by golf colleges, both of which we have covered in our two other main pages (see top for menu options), you can apply for scholarships that are not only limited to golf, but also athletics in general, or high school students in general, high school seniors in general, and so on. Even in those cases, in fact, that you play golf will have extra advantages. You will, in most cases, be starting a step ahead of other students, as a student interested in golf, for most scholarships, whether they require a certain GPA or not, also take into account such extracurricular activities as golf! 



Other Scholarships Resources:

We have listed below some of the other scholarships resources you could use as a student interested in golf. Remember, again, that playing golf will be an advantage in applying for scholarships that are not only specifically for golf but also for other, more general purposes, scholarships that are open to students of any background. This is becuse, whether these scholarships are merit based or need based, in most cases, they give some weight to extracurricular activities, too, and golf, as you know, is one of them! Some of these scholarships are also, in general, sports scholarships, and as a student who plays golf, you are, of course, qualified for them, too.

- Scholarships for High School Students:
This site lists scholarships available for high school students by grade level: scholarships for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Depending on which grade level you are, click on the relevant category, and go through their lists. Several of the scholarships provided there, we have noticed, require extracurricular activities, such as golf, and some are specifically for students interested in sports. When you narrow your choices down as grade level and also in terms of interest, you greatly increase your chances of landing a scholarship. Also notice that several of the scholarships on this website are just generic, need- or merit-based, but even for those, writing on your CV that you are interested in golf could be beneficial.

- Scholarships for University Students:
Just as the above resource is specifically for high school students, this one is for those who are already at university or college. They provide four lists, all of them alphabetical. As with the above resource, you don't need to register in order to get use of their lists of scholarships. You can immediately start your search.

- Fastweb Scholarships:
Unlike the other two resources above, this resource requires you to register before you can start your search of scholarships. We have, nevertheless, decided to list this resource, too, here, for it seems like it has a very comprehensive dataabase of scholarships. The registration phase is a bit lenghty though, and it offers you to register for some other things that are not necessarily scholarships related. Nonetheless, as one of the first scholarships websites of the Internet, this site is an important resource.

Don't forget to check out our page on scholarships for playing golf, where you can find scholarships specifically for golf. Some of them require that you play golf in college though some only require that you did so in high school.

Remember also that as a student interested in golf, you are not only restricted to these generic golf sholarships, but you can also apply for other the scholarships provided directly by the college or university you are applying to, or by their golf team... For this, visit our college golf scholarships page.