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Alabama Colleges with Golf Scholarships:

Below is the most comprehensive list of Alabama colleges with golf teams, almost all of which also provide golf scholarships (scroll down to "Alabama Colleges with Golf Scholarships"). First, locate the college/university of your choice, and then, visit their website (or the team's website) to apply for the scholarships they provide. The colleges are categorized under both men's golf and women's golf. Both the university/college name and the team name are provided (first college/university name, then the team name).

Also visit our list of generic scholarships available for students interested in golf. Remember, after all, that other than colleges in Alabama providing golf scholarships, there are more institutions across the United States from which you can get scholarships for golf, i.e. whether you live in Alabama or not. In other words, don't limit your search to Alabama! For more information on golf scholarships, visit our main page.



Alabama Colleges with Golf Scholarships:

Here is the list of colleges and universities in Arkansas with college golf teams. Most of these colleges also provide golf scholarships. We regularly update our lists, but you should still check every college you are interested in, in case they have teams, but not listed here. First, colleges with men's golf teams are provided, followed by colleges with women's golf teams. First, the college/university name comes in each least, followed by the team name.

Alabama Men's Golf

University/college name:        Team name
1. Alabama A & M University: Fihgting Bulldogs
2. University of Alabama, Birmingham: Blazers
3. Alabama State University: Hornets
4. University of Alabama: Crimson Tide
5. Auburn University: Tigers
6. Birmingham-Southern College: Panthers
7. Faullkner University: Eagles
8. Huntingdon College: Hawks
9. Jacksonville State University: Gamecocks
10. University of Mobile: Rams
11. University of Montevallo: Falcons
12. University of North Alabama: Lions
13. Samford University: Bulldogs
14. University of South Alabama: Jaguars
15. Spring Hill College: Badgers
16. Troy University: Trojans

Alabama Women's Golf

University/college name:        Team name
1. Alabama A & M University: Fihgting Bulldogs
2. University of Alabama, Birmingham: Blazers
3. University of Alabama: Crimson Tide
4. Auburn University: Tigers
5. Birmingham-Southern College: Panthers
6. Jacksonville State University: Gamecocks
7. University of Mobile: Rams
8. University of Montevallo: Falcons
9. Samford University: Bulldogs
10. University of South Alabama: Jaguars
11. Spring Hill College: Badgers
12. Troy University: Trojans


For college golf scholarships in states other than Alabama, click here.

If you have already decided on which college you will attend, you can still apply for some additional generic scholarships for playing golf. Some of these are for playing golf in college though some only require that you did so in high school.

Remember also that as a student interested in golf, you are not only restricted to sholarships specifically for golf, but you can also apply for other sports scholarships, as well as generic scholarships that are open to any student. Visit our other scholarships page for more on this.