Welcome to, your number 1 source for finding golf scholarships. And best of all, is now completely free. We provide a list of general golf scholarships available, as well a list of colleges and universities where you can get funding as a golf player. First, search through our list to find scholarships, no matter which university/college you are planning to attend. Then, see if your college is in our list of colleges providing golf scholarships, and use that as a guide, though you should always check the websites of individual colleges or universities to get the most updated results (even though we periodically update our site). Note also that no matter which college you are applying to, writing on your CV about your achievements as a golf player could sometimes be helpful in securing a scholarship. You can always make such decisions by yourself, or by asking your school's counselor. The main purpose of this website is to focus on more generic scholarships that any golf player can apply to, a list of which can be found here.





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